Paramedical Tattooing

Paramedical tattooing is where we use specialized pigment and tattooing techniques to cover a range of areas on the body, such as scarring.

Skin camouflage is used to improve the appearance of scarring, which can be caused by burns, surgery, or skin conditions. With scar camouflage, we can conceal the scar, make it practically unnoticeable, and rectify the hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation you’ve experienced.

Another incredible use of paramedical tattooing is the areola tattoo or nipple tattoo; this is where reconstructive camouflage helps people who have had top transgender surgery or breast cancer survivors who have had to undergo a mastectomy and then lost or ended up with a misshapen areola/nipple. The areola tattoo will help to create the appearance of a new nipple that will look natural and realistic.

Paramedical areola tattoo, louisville