It’s great to see the sun but how are your brows holding up? Are they still where you want them

There’s no denying that good brows can completely change the way you look but the wrong shaped brows can also change your face, and not necessarily for the better! It’s not always easy to work out which style of brow suits you best as we all have a preference so take a little time out to play around with your own brows to see the difference that they make.

The first thing you want to do is try to work out what shape your face is, then you can use this guide to try and help you decide which brows would look good on you.

There is no hard and fast rule about brows, everyone has their own preference as to how dark, thick or long you would like them and there’s no point trying to apply a shape that you really don’t like just because that’s what it says is good for your face shape but you can always adapt things slightly to ensure that you are happy.

Generally your brows are normally approximately 3 cm apart and are in line with the tear ducts in the inner corner of your eyes. If the tails drop lower than the bulbs (the inner part) of the brows then that can often make your face drop so it’s normally best to try and keep them the same height or slightly higher.

Maybe try slightly different looks every day until you find one that you’re really happy with and then stick to it. You’ll find people will comment on your appearance but may not necessarily realise what is different about you. I know my sister made her brows larger every day just to see if her husband ever really looked at her, by the time he commented she looked like Groucho Marks (for those of you not old enough, he had huge busy brows!!)

If you are looking to get your brows tattooed or microbladed then I would recommend threading or plucking them before you go as not only will this give the technician a good idea of the shape of your natural brow that you are happy with but also, once they are finished, the less you touch them the better.

Try to choose a technician who can adapt the shape/colour of the brow to your needs and does not have a particular brow that they have perfected and tend to use on all clients. It may be amazing but it may not suit you.

And last but not least. Try to go for a consultation first and make sure that you are comfortable with the technician. You need to be completely relaxed and feel that they are listening to you and keeping you informed throughout your experience.

Once you have your perfect brows, take care of them, keep a 50SPF lip balm in your bag when the sun’s out and make sure you keep them topped up with this whenever you can. Then just enjoy the summer without worrying about your brows sliding down your face…..

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