Having just completed my training in Dermaplaning I am now excited to offer it as a new treatment. To carry out this treatment I cleanse the face and apply and peel preparation solution to remove excess cleanser and dry the skin to allow the blue to glide smoothly over the skin’s surface. Then the skin is stretched and a dermaplane is used at a 45 degree angle to remove all the debris and vellus hair leaving a soft and fresh glow to the skin. When this is completed you can also apply and peel enzyme and leave it for 10 minutes which will remove the last remaining dead skin cells to ensure a thorough treatment. After 10 minutes this peel is neutralised to stop it from remaining active on the skin and a serum is then applied to the skin. It also essential to apply an SPF cream after this treatment as this new skin will be particularly sensitive to sunlight.

I was lucky enough to have this treatment on my training day and am now the owner of an incredibly soft face with no horrible fluffy sideburns!! I didn’t wear any makeup at all for the first two days as it was so lovely having such clear skin for a change.

Fine your flawless skin for only £20 or £30 to include a peel….. get PARTY READY!!

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